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Introducing my models

My first doll was not a Barbie. It was a dark haired knockoff. I named her Kerry. Kerry is actually a loan doll that belong to my daughters family. I soon learned that her measurements very not like a Barbie’s. This led me to purchase my very first Barbie. Believe me I felt little again, I was so excited. My Barbie got the name Tammy and she is a beach Barbie. Unfortunately I did not realize that her costume was actually painted on to her body. This is difficult to hide in a thin strap or strapless dress, but I persevere.

A visit to a Hospice Charity Shop added Annie to my collection. She was a messy silver blonde who was shamefully neglected. I am daily trying to curb the need to go hunting for more neglected dolls. Once I got Annie home a good wash was in order. I used Google to find out how to fix her hair. There are very useful sites to help with this. Unfortunately some of her hair has been cut but my hairdressing skill are non existent so I pretend it was meant to be. I am positively hopefully my talents will improve. Annie’s arms are both permanently bent but thankfully she gas quite a range if shoulder movements.

My next investment was a Ken doll. I renamed him Clark. He also has one bent arm which is rather hampering when trying to dress him especially since his arms can only move up and down. I have come to the conclusion I am an impulse buyer. I do not learn to check that the dolls will fit my needs. I live them all no the less.

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