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Pastel Frill Free Pattern

Pastel Frill
Using size 2.0mm crochet hook and size 10 cotton ( I found a double knit wool that was very pretty. Being to thick for Barbie I split the strands. This is very tiresome but to me it was quite worth my while. The dress looks awesome.






Ch 47 sts
Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc over remaining sts (46 sts)
Row 2 to 4: 1ch sc across
Row 5: Ch 2 turn, hdc in 6 sts, ch 5, sk 10 sts, hdc x12, ch 5, sk 10 sts, hdc in 7 sts
Row 6: Ch 2, and hdc across sts
Repeat row 3 for16 more rows jointing the back seem when you think it is necessaryChow 23: hdc across in back of row
Row 24: 1ch, sc 2 times in each St across row.
Row 25: 1ch, sc across row
Row 26: 1ch, sc in same st, skip 2 sts, 5dc in next st, ( skip 1 st, 1ch, sc in next, 1 CH, skip 2 sts, 5 DC in next st) repeat across row doing a slip st into first st. Fasten off.
Row 27: Repeat row 25 and 26 in front loops. I found it looked prettier with staggered scallops so I swopped the sc and 5dc clusters around. Fasten off
Add buttons to back. If you use beads they are easily past through the hdc so no buttonholes are required.

If you use my pattern please credit Cam’s Crafts as the author. Please share photos of your creation for me to see. Thank you

Dress available in Barbie Boutique

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