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Bothas Hill Market

Cams Crafts has a stall at the Bothas Hill Market every Sunday from 09:00 to 15:00 (unless it is cancelled due to rain). Come and see my products.

Cradle Bag

Cradle Bag shown as a bag

Cradle Bag shown as a cradle

Sleeping bag inside the cradle

Baby (not included in the sale) snug in the sleeping bag

New item and New Rescues

Hi everyone long time no see. My very first market was rather a let down but I made a new contact and got some incredible tips, so all was not lost.

I have been very busy lately making things as well as shopping. I sure do love shopping. My local hospice gave me a wonderful surprise. A whole lot of babies to fix up. Some are Barbie’s and some are not. They looked so lost and forlorn I could not resist. So they are all off to the parlor to be fixed up. So are really damaged, one has part of her foot taken off, so some thought will have to go into her repair

Gold/White Dress with Peplum and Lace Panty

I have been rather busy getting ready for my Night Market this coming Saturday. I knocked up these two little gems this morning as I was awake rather early  and did not want to disturb the family. Watch out for a free pattern, coming soon.

Information for International Clients

Information for International Clients and anyone wanting items shipped to them.

  • Products are in South African Rand but there is a converter to see how much items will cost in your own currency.
  • Should items need to be post to anywhere in the world this can be arranged by contacting us by email at
  • Orders may also be made via the above email address should you require different colours.

New Products

I am getting ready for a Night Market in Hillcrest, Durban, KwaZuluNatal on Saturday 8th. This will be my very first and I am so excited. It would be great if you came to say hello if you are in the area.


I suddenly realized that I had very little sewn items so I have been sewing up a storm these last 2 days. Unfortunately time is limited for me as I have other commitments that take most of the day, but I am sure I will have quite a hoard by the time the market arrives.

I am posting a sneak preview of the things I have made so far. they are also available in my store.

SEW28 Pink Flare Dress

SEW29 Bee Dress

SEW27 Summer Halter Dress

SEW26 Elasticated Dress

SEW25 Dress with Peplum

SEW24 Denim Dress

Annie’s New Pink Dress

What a day.

I was planning on making a smock dress with a swirly skirt. After working for a while, and things were not working out as I had pictured in my mind, this dress started taking on a shape of its own. I had made a pact with myself to record any pattern I made up. Guess what? Dress is complete and true to form there is no pattern.

So now I am in the very unenviable position of having to try and duplicate the dress. I have to say I am very excited of how the dress came out. Well let me be off to see what I can do about the pattern.

Happy crafting everyone.

Please let me know what you think of this dress. Thank you.

My App

Don’t you find that sometimes you wish you could easily remember a website that you go to frequently. I usually have to google the general name, that is if I remember the actual name, then get there. My husband has made me an app that he added my website to that.¬† I have now downloaded onto my phone. It looks so cute.

Now if someone queries something, I do not have to go online on my laptop, I can just easily access it on the phone. I have added a link here so if you are interested to follow my blog then feel free to download it. It is absolutely free.

To add my app to your mobile phone for easy access.