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Wedding Dresses

Sewing is one of my favorite formats to express myself. With Tammy, Kerry and Annie I get to show that off. Crochet is my next best as it makes me think continuously on how to improve a pattern or design a new pattern based on an existing pattern. This dress was made up of material given to me by my sister.I really have to work on the veil though. At the moment my sewing machine seems to be requiring a sabbatical, so it may be a while before new sewing items will be added to the shop.

Making a crochet wedding dress was a lot of fun. With crochet you can take any filet pattern and adapt it to a skirt and sometimes into the bodice as well. This is what lead me down the crochet path and at the moment I appear to be somewhat fixated with crochet in cotton. The cotton medium is more expensive than wool but, oh my, you can get such wonderful fits with the crochet cotton. To date I have not attempted a knitted one, but watch this space I will give it a go soon.