My App

Don’t you find that sometimes you wish you could easily remember a website that you go to frequently. I usually have to google the general name, that is if I remember the actual name, then get there. My husband has made me an app that he added my website to that.  I have now downloaded onto my phone. It looks so cute.

Now if someone queries something, I do not have to go online on my laptop, I can just easily access it on the phone. I have added a link here so if you are interested to follow my blog then feel free to download it. It is absolutely free.

To add my app to your mobile phone for easy access.

Wedding Dresses

Sewing is one of my favorite formats to express myself. With Tammy, Kerry and Annie I get to show that off. Crochet is my next best as it makes me think continuously on how to improve a pattern or design a new pattern based on an existing pattern. This dress was made up of material given to me by my sister.I really have to work on the veil though. At the moment my sewing machine seems to be requiring a sabbatical, so it may be a while before new sewing items will be added to the shop.

Making a crochet wedding dress was a lot of fun. With crochet you can take any filet pattern and adapt it to a skirt and sometimes into the bodice as well. This is what lead me down the crochet path and at the moment I appear to be somewhat fixated with crochet in cotton. The cotton medium is more expensive than wool but, oh my, you can get such wonderful fits with the crochet cotton. To date I have not attempted a knitted one, but watch this space I will give it a go soon.


Shell Top (Free pattern)

<meta name=”p:domain_verify” content=”f95586ce01a94c87a50b25d87d84ef12″/>Shell Top

Hook – 2mm- 2.25 mm (US 0-1) (UK 14-13)

Tension – 30sts/10 rows = 10 cm

Using US abbreviations

Row 1: Chain 45, sc in 2nd ch from hook, and each ch across (44sts)

Row 2: ch 1, sc in each st across (44 sts)

Row 3: ch 4, (1st dtr), 2dtr in same st, 3dtr in each st across row, turn

Row 4: Ch1, (3sctog)x8, 6 ch or armhole, SK next 18 dtr, (sc3tog) x16, ch6, SK next 18 dtr, (sc3tog) x8 (44 sts)

Row 5: sc in each st across, turn (44sts)

Row 6: ch2, dc in same st, 1ch, 2dc in same st making a shell, (SK 2 sts, 2dc, 1ch,  2dc) rep over row, join to beginning ch to make a circle

Row 7: ss to ch space, ch2, dc in same st, 1ch, 2dc in same st, ( SK 2 sts, 2dc, 1ch, 2dc) over rest of row

Repeat row 7 to desired length

If you find the neck too wide, rejoin cotton to neck edge and(sc3, sc2tog) repeat to end. Repeat this row till you are happy with the look.

If you use my pattern please credit Cam’s Crafts as the author and feel free to share your photos with me as well.

If you find any errors in the pattern, please let me know so that I can correct it. Thank you.

Introducing my models

My first doll was not a Barbie. It was a dark haired knockoff. I named her Kerry. Kerry is actually a loan doll that belong to my daughters family. I soon learned that her measurements very not like a Barbie’s. This led me to purchase my very first Barbie. Believe me I felt little again, I was so excited. My Barbie got the name Tammy and she is a beach Barbie. Unfortunately I did not realize that her costume was actually painted on to her body. This is difficult to hide in a thin strap or strapless dress, but I persevere.

A visit to a Hospice Charity Shop added Annie to my collection. She was a messy silver blonde who was shamefully neglected. I am daily trying to curb the need to go hunting for more neglected dolls. Once I got Annie home a good wash was in order. I used Google to find out how to fix her hair. There are very useful sites to help with this. Unfortunately some of her hair has been cut but my hairdressing skill are non existent so I pretend it was meant to be. I am positively hopefully my talents will improve. Annie’s arms are both permanently bent but thankfully she gas quite a range if shoulder movements.

My next investment was a Ken doll. I renamed him Clark. He also has one bent arm which is rather hampering when trying to dress him especially since his arms can only move up and down. I have come to the conclusion I am an impulse buyer. I do not learn to check that the dolls will fit my needs. I live them all no the less.